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About our company


Genesis Land Surveying Inc. is a professional multi-discipline land surveying firm, founded by partners who combined to provide industry-specific experience to the venture. Genesis land surveyors provide a variety of professional property survey services for both the private and public sectors with unique tailored solutions for our clients.

Our clients benefit from our experience, diverse network of contacts, and access to a wide range of resources for boundary surveys that save time and money.

The Difference

homepage-about-1 Genesis Land Surveying goes beyond traditional surveying and offers professional services that are often overlooked in the industry. Our ability to understand modern-day complexities associated with land and development will benefit your project in many ways.

Our Services

Commercial & Industrial Service

Specialized services for commercial and industrial clients

Our comprehensive property survey services are custom tailored for commercial and industrial clients based on their individual needs, and uniqueness.
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Residential services

Professional Ontario Land Surveyors

Our experienced staff are dedicated to achieving client satisfaction and providing residential surveying solutions that exceed the need of home owners, planners, architects, lawyers and engineers.
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Field Consultations & Preliminary Reviews

Acquiring a new parcel of land whether agricultural, commercial, or industrial should be completed with thorough diligence to understand how the property is situated, developed, and…

Right-of-Way Negotiations & Easement Acquisitions

In a dynamic and quickly changing urban landscape, the need for acquiring physical property has continued to grow. Municipal and Provincial transportation networks such as the Toronto …


Asset Management Mapping

At Genesis, our land professionals can help you successfully map your real-estate assets and provide you with comprehensive reports, maps, and legal surveys for quick reference…

Property Information Drawings

Property Information Drawings (PID’s) provide real estate coordinators, consultants, and asset management firms a quick, and convenient snapshot of the property they are dealing with…

Dynamic Multidisciplinary Approach